Hilariously Precise Comics About Winter Problems That Anyone Breathing Can Relate To

Winter might be the favorite season of the year for many.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not problematic. Living in a hot country doesn’t feel that bad when you compare it to the absolute freezing colds that some have to deal with all year long.

Nobody likes wearing tons of layers of clothes and still freeze their extremities numb. We have complied some hilarious comic illustrations depicting the struggles of winter, just for you!

1. When the sun sets during the day!

Source: Nothing Suspicio.US

2. Sleeping naked after a long cold day feels like heaven!

3. Where’d Spring go?

Source: owlturd.com

4. You just don’t want to get out of bed!

5. Your clothes don’t fit you like a sock!

6. Bye bye Sun! See you never!

Source: owlturd.com

7. When you have a bladder the size of a gold ball!

8. Why is it always so dark?


9. Always feels like midnight!

Source: www.adriennehedger.com

10. Death every time you try to dress fashionably!

11. Happy Birrrrrthday…..


12. Partner in warmth!

13. Better late than never!

14. The worst thing ever!

15. Expectations VS Reality!

16. No, I don’t have a disease!

17. The Sun oversleeps as usual!

18. That weird guy you don’t know much about!

Source: webcomicname.com

19. What you think your new coat looks like VS What it really looks like!

20. Even layering doesn’t help get rid of the cold!

21. Winter hell!

22. Why didn’t I just die over the night!

23. Well, the bright side is that you don’t need to shave!


24. See you when it’s warm!

Source: www.lunarbaboon.com

25. Dang it winter!

Source: owlturd.com

26. Her expressions say it all!

27. Scented candles FTW!

28. Christmas special!

29. When you don’t realize the roads are slippery!

Source: TheAwkwardYeti.com

30. I’m just getting fat!

31. This is the end!

32. Look what you did now!


33. Black and White!

34. Well at least there are plenty of holidays!

35. Frizzy long hair!

36. Stylish to the next level!

37. The never ending pee problems!

38. Drowning in your own sweat!

39. You feel colder than your kids!

40. Winter mornings!

Source: Buzzfeed Comics

41. Snow snow go away, come again some other day!

42. Winter’s favorite color is grey!

Source: Gemma Correll 2016

43. Christmas present goals!

44. Always freezing to death!

45. Freezing to death part 2!

46. New me!

47. Ditched by Spring every time!

48. Daylight savings!

49. When you just want to steal the heat!

50. Seasonal problems.

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