Artist Hilariously Illustrates What It’s Like To Live With A Cat & We Can All Relate

There is never a dull moment if you have a cat.

Now, that doesn’t mean they aren’t annoying. On the contrary, they might be the most annoying creatures ever. Yet we still love them. I mean who else is going to wake you up at 4 am? (I know you live alone so don’t even try to pretend!)

Nobody can make you angry and go awww at the same time. So yes, that is the true power of a cat. Lingvistov wanted to illustrate these moments so she created the following very relatable illustrations for those who own cats. (Or more appropriately cats own them.)

More info:

#1 Meow Meow…..Meow.

#2 Who even bathes a cat?

#3 ‘You do not own me human!’

#4 I can relate with the cat on this.

#5 And it goes on and on…..

#6 I know that expression.

#7 Bean toes!

#8 Better than any alarm.

#9 Cats are lazy. What did you expect?

#10 Cats are the boss.

#11 Such grace!

#12 ‘Why don’t you love me!?’

#13 Yah, Not gonna happen.

#14 At least, Butt pictures are all the rage these days.

#15 Of course you did!

#16 Who cares that the cat just gave you a heart attack? Get her some food!

#17 Do we even need to acknowledge it anymore?

#18 It is always worth it.

Do you have a cat? If so what is her daily shenanigans? Comment on below and let us know!

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