This Kid Who Flawlessly Interviewed A Cat Should Totally Be A Talk Show Host

Instructions on how to interview a diva cat below.

Do take these ‘instructions’ with a grain of salt though, as the kid didn’t fully succeed either. I mean, she did get a few questions out of the cat which is pretty big in itself but was soon shut down by the diva.

Who is this diva, you might ask? Well, her name is Coco (Like Coco Chanel probably). This kid, however, did realize that Coco has quite a lot of boundaries as to where she doesn’t like to be petted, and she will shut you down if you ask a question too many.

See what I’m talking about?

The tweet has garnered over 8,000 retweets and almost 50,000 likes which is not that surprising.

Via MrPaulDuane

Following are some of the tweets explaining why people love the interview.

I agree 100%.

Well, I’m a cat-mad 19-year-old, and I love this.

A part 2 of the interview?

I don’t get why though. Who doesn’t like to be touched on the tummy?

And when the parent told the famous kid about her viral tweet.

Her response was just as cheeky as we thought it’d be.

Last but not least, Meet Coco!

Who doesn’t like her picture to be taken.


Because cats are the boss. Period.

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