These Horoscopes Are Hilariously Real And Can Make Your Inner Weirdo Feel Personally Attacked

Everyone has a bit of weirdness inside them.

We are usually told to hide this weirdness so we can be more like others and not stand out in a wrong way. Well, I am here to tell you, that you are not alone and it is perfectly okay to be weird and different.

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not is another matter altogether. You have to admit these characteristics do hold true for many people. So scroll on below and take a look at what your horoscope has to say about you.

Source: Tom Siegal

#1 Yup, this is all very true for me at least.

#2 Who is Kelsey Grammer?

#3 So a meth addict then?

#4 Tauruses are quite jealous if I say so myself.

#5 Why have I never seen their extra buttcheek?

#6 Did TV break up with them?

#7 They are a lion sign after all.

#8 So a glass bauble addict then?

#9 Is every sign addicted to something?

#10 I must not speak of the st…

#11 Sagittarius apparently hate getting stalked. Wish I had known that before.

Where is Capricorn? Well, I am not sure myself but who cares about that sign anyway? So were you able to relate with any of these? If so comment down below and let us know what important characteristic we missed.

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