Dad Illustrates Daily Adventures With His Son While On Paternity Leave & It’s Hilariously Adorable

One artist wanted to show us what being a dad is all about.

I’ve learned a lot after taking a look at his works. The most important thing I’ve learned is that never ever play with your kid without first wearing a diaper or protective gear yourself.

This dad wanted to show us the fun and weird moments he shared with his son while on paternity leave. And these sure are pretty interesting. So go on and take a look below.

More info: staalegerhardsen

#1 The house is never dry when a kid finally is.

#2 Dads have to bear the burden too.

#3 Always time for a dance party however.

#4 Are we sure that’s porridge?

#5 Never ever forget to wear your gas mask!

#6 Everything but toilet…..poop?

#7 See what I was talking about?

#8 Being a turtle in a hare filled world is quite relaxing.

#9 Maybe get a robot baby then?

#10 Finally time to relax.

#11 Dad reflexes for the win!

What do you think about his illustrations? Did he accurately represent being a dad? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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