Babysitter Explains Why She Never Accepts Children Who Are Asleep And It’s Eye-Opening

Why should a babysitter never accept a sleeping child?

That is the question that is probably going through everyones mind right now. After all what harm is in letting a child rest? Well, as it turns out this is the number one way that abusers get away with their physical abuse.

You see family members who abuse children tend to give them sleeping pills and then drop them off a babysitter so they can shift the blame onto them rather than themselves. Maybe the babysitter did it right?

That is why this Imgur user Twatermellon is trying to spread this fact onto other so that people will be more careful the next time. Scroll down below and take a look at what this particular babysitter has to say about it from what she has experienced in her own life.

Source: Twatermellon

There is very sound logic behind this reason.

Via Ryan Polei

And this babysitte has learned this from her own expierences.

You might thing it is a over-dramatic reaction to a baby sleeping.

But as it turns out, the baby’s Grandma had something to hide.

Surprisingly, The grandma had drugged a six-months old kid.

Via James Schwartz

And she had a history of doing the same thing too!

So everyone should probably adapt this policy soon.

This happens to more people than we care to admit.

How could a parent do that to their own child?

Probably a good idea.

Atleast people will know better in the future.


Humans can be incredibly cruel at times.

Why not share this so more people can learn about this reason of not babysitting a sleeping child. And don’t forget to comment down below and let us know if you were aware about this fact.

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