Woman’s Terrifying Date Story Shows Why You Should Be Extra Cautious Using Dating Apps

Don’t worry; I am not here to tell you not to use dating apps.

Because let’s be honest, love isn’t easy to find (Or hookups.) And sometimes you have to resort to swiping left and right to meet THE one. Now, I am not saying everyone finds their soul-mate from a website, but some do.

However, that isn’t any reason to put yourself in danger. I’m sure your parents taught you never to trust strangers. Well, that certainly still applies even if you are a fully grown adult.

I am not saying don’t meet a stranger ever because how else could we make friends but never bring a stranger to your home on your first date because that probably won’t end well.

Following is one example of what could happen.

A Twitter user described a real-life scenario that her friend faced, and it honestly sent a shiver down my spine.


This story might seem pretty ordinary at first but wait.

Mistake no 1: She should have just called a cab or something.

Mistake no 2: It was only their first date.

You might think it ended there, but wait, there is more.

Yes, that guy was a thief.

Thankfully, the cops arrived on time.

And smash her door to get in.

Thankfully they get the guy, but it turns out, he wasn’t a thief.

He was actually a killer.

And he had already prepared everything so there would be no mess.

Maybe this guy got inspiration from the show Dexter?

So what did we learn from this? Never trust a stranger!

People were just as scared as her.

I can relate.


Thankfully the police got on time.

Whatever the reason, it is a good thing that she survived.


Well, we are indeed happy that she is okay.

Do you think we should stop using dating apps altogether or just be more careful as to who we invite into the house? Have you ever had a similar experience before? Why not share it in the comments down below?

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