Woman Draws Her ‘Imaginary’ Childhood Friends She Used To See Before Medication & It’s Spine Chilling

Everyone has an imaginary friend.

But they usually ‘go away’ once we grow up. That is not really true for those who have mental illnesses. While mental illness is always a bad thing, sometimes hallucinations can help you too.

That is what happened with this girl, Sierra. You see, she has been seeing things ever since she was little. However, she got help, and now she is okay, although she can never really forget all the friends she made along the way.

And I don’t mean friends in the normal sense. Scroll on below and see what I am talking about.

I honestly miss them and like to think they are real. They are just waiting for me somewhere else.

They slept with me every night, in order for me to not fear them, but the first few times they crawled into bed with me was the scariest. It was like having a sleepover with your best friends every day. We conversed, sang, swam, ate, enjoyed one another.

It was peaceful in a way.


Source: Imgur

Meet Sierra and following is the magical world that her mind created.

And so this amazing journey starts.

First, she describes what they looked like and how they acted.

She still remembers them vividly even though she can’t draw them properly.

She describes how each creature acted.

And how it looked so distinct and otherworldly.

Even though it was all in her head.

It was perfectly real for her at the time.

And maybe even now as she recounts the memories fondly.

There is definitely a story in here somewhere.

That is even bigger than Lord of the Rings.

Through it all, her one friend remained the same.

The one creature that was with her all through her illness.

She kept her sane throughout all the insane times.

And this is the sister of her friend.

Who was quite different than her sister at first.

Did you find this story as beautiful and sad as we did? Have you seen hallucinations? If so what were they like? Comment down below and let us know.

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