10+ Times Millennials Absolutely Nailed What Being A Millennial Is Like And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Generation Y; the special generation.

Are you a millennial? Ever wondered what’s so wrong with your life?

It might just be the troubles and concerns you have about the future. Or maybe because you grew up with cell phones, computers and video games. But whatever it is, don’t worry! Millennials are known to be more open-minded and adaptive.

1. I know I want one.

2. That’s why we love The Sims.

3. Who wants sex when you can have more dinner?

4. Should we be thanking someone for this?

5. Welcome to reality.

6. All thanks to Youtube.

7. It seems like my phone is the bigger problem here.

8. The millennial’s dilemma.

9. Perhaps a blessing?

10. And here we go again.

11. Was this a part of the plan?

12. Easy-peasy

13. Oh, we can totally take a joke!

14. Jealous much?

15. Social media is SATAN!

16. Feels like a metaphor everywhere you go?

17. At least they know it’s true.

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