Wendy’s Roasted IHob So Hard That They Might Want To Go Back To Making Pancakes Only

Who thought this was a good idea?

I mean, we all know the International house of pancakes as IHOP, so why change it to International House of Burgers? IHOP is not really synonymous with great burgers if I am being honest.

However, it happened, and Wendy’s might not be that happy about it. I am sure you know Wendy’s, The sarcastic, quick-witted restaurant chain with a Twitter account. People love Wendy’s and they were waiting for Wendy’s to respond to this new re-branding.

And Wendy’s did respond in her usual sarcastic way, which people are a big fan of. As you can imagine, it escalated quite fast before it all calmed down as Wendy’s welcomed IHOB to the neighborhood.

It all started on June 11th.

And this is Wendy’s savage response.

People obviously loved their interaction and thought to chime in.

There were a lot of reactions and Gifs, which was expected.

This is quite an old reaction gif as well.

But Wendy’s wasn’t really finished.

However, it seems IHOB wasn’t ready for this.

But it seems they agreed on a kind of truce, for now, that is.


Which one do you prefer? IHOB or Wendy’s? And do you think the re-branding was a good idea or did they make a big mistake? Comment down below and let us know because we are always waiting to hear your thoughts on things.

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