Internet Brutally Crucified Vegan Model After She Revealed She’s An Anti-Vaxxer

She should have just kept quiet.

I honestly don’t get why people need to announce to the world that they are vegan. I mean, I respect everyone’s choice to be themselves. But there is no use in trying to engage people in this kind of conversation.

Because it will only end badly. And that is exactly what happened with this model. You see, Kat Von D is a vegan who is also pregnant. Now that is all fine and dandy. However, that all changed when she revealed that she wouldn’t be vaccinating her child.

As you can imagine, people were rightfully angry with her.

Source: Kat Von D

This is the vegan, currently pregnant model.

And she had some ‘great’ news to share with her fans.

She explained that many people judge her because of her beliefs.

And also told those ‘haters’ to f**k off from her page.

As you can imagine, people were quite angry at her decision.

Because not only was she putting her own children in danger, but also the kids around them.

And there were a lot of savage comments that tried to reason with her.

But I don’t think she is going to change her mind.

Protecting animals is great but so is protecting children.

It is indeed okay to be sometimes wrong.

How can people not realize that it is dangerous?

I can relate to this hardcore.

But she does act like she understands.

What are your thoughts on this whole scenario? Do you think she is in the right or were the comments making a lot more sense? Comment down below and let us know.

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