Vegan Goes On Insane Rant Against This Girl For Eating Tofu Without Being A Vegan

Do you like Tofu?

If so are a vegan or a vegetarian? No? Well, get the f**k out of here! Okay, I am only kidding. I would never treat anyone like that. However, this vegan guy surely does. You see I didn’t know that tofu specifically belonged to vegetarians and vegans.

I thought the food is for everyone and everyone has their own taste and preference. But, this guy thinks that Tofu is some kind of national food for the vegan community.

No, I am not making this up at all. Scroll on below and see what happened when this ‘crazy vegan’ went on an insane rant against this girl for simply eating what she loved.

Source: Imgur

It all seemed like a simple conversation at first.

But the guy soon went batshit insane when he realized that the girl wasn’t indeed a vegan.

She did try to be polite, but that got her nowhere.

So she said it like it was and it seems like he finally got the message.

And it appears that people agree with what this girl did.

At the end of the day, It is all a matter of preference. I mean I get it I used to be a vegetarian but now I am not, and I have my own reasons. We shouldn’t judge anyone and be rude to them. Comment down below and tell us what you thought of this insane guy.

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