Tumblr User’s Anti-PETA Rant Just Steamrolled PETA And Told Everyone Their Hypocrisy

PETA is not the kind of organization you think it is.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization is nothing but a total fraud. They have been continually lying to the public, getting funds in the name charity that are being used for the complete annihilation of animals.

95% of the animals under PETA’s “care” have been killed within a year. If you don’t believe all of this, perhaps you will believe all that we have to say further today.

Scroll down and have a look at some of the horrible things this so-called organization has done.


Robert Sebree for peta2.com

Read what dear-tumb1r has to say.


Now, these are the stats that we should be focusing on.


If being what you are is a crime then maybe everyone should just kill themselves?

Former PETA employee

They can’t get more hypocritical than this.


Let’s not forget the cheap measures they took to make people watch videos of animal abuse just so that this pathetic and inhuman sense develops in their minds.


And what about the time when a picture of sheep shearing got out, and they had to lie about it to defend themselves?


How can a non-profit charitable organization even lie so much?

nathanwinograd.com / theatlantic.com

All of this can not be ignored, and this user stands for whats right.

“PETA does not care about animals.”

“PETA cares about money and publicity,” and I think it is pretty evident from all the horrible things they have done so far.

This is very sad tbh.

Yeah, because apparently killing and constantly lying to the public isn’t enough.


Talk about comparison and “accurate” information. It honestly makes me sometimes wonder what kind of people still support this organization after knowing all of this.




*Slow claps*


I wonder what is their real motive behind all this.


This is so pathetic…


You see that people? This is what the “Charitable” organization is doing with your money.


Yep. PETA is the best.

People will remember this.

Exactly. So if you love animals, spend your money ANYWHERE but PETA.

Its good to see that people understand well after knowing the truth.

It is.

Local people know it too.

It’s all true, just like this guy’s reference.

So for all of you out there who care about animals, if you really want to help them, there are a million other authentic ways of doing it rather than supporting and funding this terrorist organization.

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