Tumblr Thread Explains How Veganism Is Not Affordable And Not Cruelty Free Is Sure To Turn Heads

If a person tells you that Veganism is Cruelty-Free and probably the only perfect way of living, just know that in reality its nothing but a huge misconception.

Stop everything and think for a moment. How can being a vegan assure you a cruelty-free lifestyle? Just because you are not directly harming or killing animals does it mean that’s the end of the story? Well, no. Being a vegan is no better than not being one, as you are still harming animals and depriving them of freely living in their natural habitat.

Farmers who harvest, have to make use of pesticides and take others measures if needed to keep the animals from destroying their crops. This straight-up means that a big number of Rats, Rabbits, Fawns and other animals are killed in the process almost every day. Other than this, what assures you that the people you pay for harvesting don’t eat meat? If they do, technically you are paying people who eat animals, aren’t you?

So, let’s look at everything from a different angle. Harvesting crops for vegans kill a lot of small animals daily. Whereas if you slaughter an animal for the non-vegans, you are really just killing one animal. Who is doing more harm here? You do the math. People will surely argue here with more theories. But like I said this is just one way of looking at the picture.

If you don’t believe me, perhaps you will believe what this Tumblr user posted using facts and figures. Scroll down and have a look!


“Veganism is not cruelty-free.”

Let’s not forget the labor.


Talk about misinformation.

Bunnies. We are killing BUNNIES.

I hope this clears up the vegan myths.

What are your thoughts on this? Are vegans living a cruelty-free life? Comment below and let us know!

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