10+ Vintage Comics That Explain The Truth About Relationships Of The Modern World

The past and the present never really changes.

I don’t mean the small things like technology and education. I mean relationships between human beings. Presidents change, weather changes, but you know what doesn’t? How one human interacts with another.

When it comes to relationships, they are just as complicated as they used to be. What else could explain these vintage comics better?

Credit: Peteski

#1 Just a fling?

#2 Lust over love any day!

#3 Technically!

#4 It’s all just a pretentious game!

#5 Love hate relationship!

#6 Not feeling it!

#7 Regrets?

#8 Just another gossip!

#9 Just don’t!

#10 Ignorance is bliss!

#11 Yup, that’s right!

#12 Run for your life before it’s too late!

#13 Painful enough!

#14 Will you?

#15 Mixed emotions!

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