People Are Hilariously Mocking Trump With Their Own ‘Person Of The Year’ Covers After His Ridiculous Tweet

Obsessed much, Mr. President?

Donald Trump and TIME are having a falling out. Yes, thhe current president of the United States and the popular news magazine; TIME. But people all over the internet are taking advantage and it’s obvious why. How could we miss a chance to troll the POTUS?

It all started when Donald Trump was supposedly contacted by the magazine asserting that he was PROBABLY going to be named ‘Person of the year’ for this year. But it just wasn’t good enough for him.

Rejection of the year.

Shall we see what TIME had to say about this little incident?

That’s just the beginning.

Let’s take a look at how people responded to this. They didn’t miss the chance to troll Trump in a brutal way and felt the urge to create their own ‘Person of the year’ covers. Some of these are really exclusive.

1. This is where it begins.

2. War of the memes.

3. Although not a person, I still think it’s cute.

4. Bitch please.

5. What was this guy’s name again?

6. In the loving memory of Bob Newby.

7. Okay, whoever did this; it’s really not classy.

8. This little guy looks just as confused as Trump.

9. Behold, Star Wars fans.

10. And he lived happily ever after.

11. I agree to disagree.

12. Whoever did this is a genius!

13. Who would say no to queen Gaga?

14. I’d buy this one for sure.

15. Oh come on! Who wouldn’t want Steve Harrington?

16. Some people might actually like this.

17. Someone please tell me it’s just a potato and not Trump.

18. This one sure wins all the hearts.

19. Who doesn’t love the former First lady of the United states?

20. Super SHIRTLESS Mario.


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