Tomi Lahren Is Getting Brutally Mocked By Liberals On Twitter As This Poster Backfired Badly

Tomi Larhen is going viral in the news again. Wondering what the reason behind it is probably just another one of those controversies. For all those of you who don’t know her, let me clear it up!

She is a conservative host, whose arguments and philosophies always offend the other person. Her main aim is to trigger every ‘liberal’s’ temper by constantly talking ill about them.

Sounds like a psychopath to me!

This was an unavoidable sin!

This was an unavoidable sin

All about the kriegers!

All about the kriegers

Everyone can’t be the winner!

Everyone can't be the winner

This is definitely a propaganda against snowflakes!

This is definitely a propaganda against snowflakes

Targeted Outrage!

Targeted Outrage

Republicans also wear diapers!

Republicans also wear diapers

Just a safe stance!

Who’s the big baby now?

Who's the big baby now

Eventful politics!

Eventful politics

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