Woman Tweets The Tale Of ‘Chunk’ The Doggo Who Escaped His Yard That’ll Leave You In Splits

Dogs might be a man’s best friend.

That does not mean they are always on their best behavior. Because, believe it or not, most of the times, these dogs are doing whatever they want to do, and yet we still love them dearly.

So it is understandable that someone would be worried if their dog escaped and started peeing on big dogs. Well, That is the story of a little doggy named Chunk with a huge bladder it seems.

Don’t let me ruin the story for you so scroll on below and take a look at how this funny story unfolds.

Source: Imgur

This is going to be a crazy ride so buckle up.

Trust me; This thread is as hilarious as the Internet can get.

It is clear that this lady loves the little doggo with all her heart.

She just clearly has a funny way of showing it.

Oh wow, that escalated faster than expected.

Okay, Handling that many dogs can be quite the task.

Aww, Just look at those adorable faces! They certainly did nothing wrong!

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