10+ Struggles You Go Through And Can Relate To If You’re Pale

The perks of being pale.

Do you thank God enough for your natural tan? If not, then maybe you should start right away.

Being pale is just the worst thing. Specially for women; if you’ve been called ‘pasty’, ‘albino’ or worst, ‘white as a ghost’ you probably would understand the pain. The pain of stepping out in the hot weather, when the shorts are coming out and those sexy legs are unleashed but all you can do is either stay inside all day or wear fully covered clothes when you go out. Both of which aren’t amusing at all.

If you’ve been suffering like in a similar way, these posts will definitely make your day. Share if you can relate to these!

1. Noticed her yet?

2. I’d consider myself lucky.

3. Think again.

4. Oh never mind. My bad.

5. Glowing feet are always a blessing.

6. How accurate.

7. Not fifty shades. Just two.

8. Don’t care about what the society thinks.

9. One in a million.

10. That’s I look in real.

11. I have two extremes.

12. “We need a white background”

13. Why go to the beach in the first place?

14. I think Pennywise would definitely like this.

15. Is it Halloween yet?

16. This is really sad.

17. Although, red looks really good on her.

18. The struggle is real.

19. My eyes hurt.

20. At least she’s sorry for the torture.

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