The Story Of This Guy Who Was Friendzoned By A Girl Is A Crazy ‘Magical Ride’ Of Satire

Life is full of twists and turns.

You never know what’s going to happen next and that is what makes life truly exciting. After all, life wouldn’t be at all fun if we already knew what was mainly happen. But it sure would be less embarrassing.

I assume you already know what I am talking every day. Yes, I am talking about the dreaded friend zone. Most guys and girls know about this place all too well and dread it. So the following story is about one such person who knows this place all too well.

However, this is not just a story. Trust me; a big surprise will be waiting for you in the end.

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He starts the story off from his childhood days.

And explains how much he really liked one lucky girl.

However, she was not that into him, so she chose someone else.

That someone else was the same person who bullied him every day.

He was obviously very hurt, but what could he do?

And then the surprise of the century came when they got married.

Leaving this guy all alone and bitter, so he started to hang out with the ‘wrong crowd.’

However this crowd had something entirely else in mind.

Yes, the leader killed the girl he loved.

So I assume you have realized that this was basically half of Harry Potter?

And people were just as surprised.

Because nobody saw it coming.

However, some were frustrated with the words the Twitter user used.

But many were there to step right up and give us a helping hand.


What did you realize?

Did this surprise you? Or maybe you haven’t read or watched Harry Potter? (If so, are you living under a rock!?)

Why not comment down below and tell us what you thought of this short story?

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