Stalker Girl Sends Creepy Texts To Assumed Gay Classmate & Then Calls Him Homophobic For Correcting Her

Anyone can be a stalker.

Thant is why everyone should be careful of their surroundings. Because you might never know who is watching you. (Okay, that just turned a bit creepy.) Don’t worry however, as this feeling will continue throughout this whole article.

You see this girl stalked two male friends and thought they were gay. Now, I am not homophobic but isn’t it rude to assume things about someone else? And then she creepily messaged her classmate out of nowhere.

You’ll understand the creepiness from the get go, trust me. So scroll on below and take a look. Beware, there is going to be a lot of cringing going forward.

You might think she is being ‘cute’ but trust me, it gets a lot worse as the texts go on.

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She didn’t stop there, she continued to assume that he was Japanese even though he specifically told her he wasn’t.

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Not all friends are automatically gay. Honestly, I can’t deal with this girls creepiness.

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But then again this guy had the perfect way to shut her down. And that was to block her after tell her what is what.

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What are your thoughts on this girls ‘conversation skills’? Because if you ask me, I hate people who talk like this in normal conversation. *Roll my eyes* 

Comment on below and let us know what you would have done.

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