10+ Extremely Silly Comics With Unexpected Twists That Will Make You Reconsider Everything In Life

Life is full of twists and turns.

And that certainly applies to these comics. After all who doesn’t love to relax once in a while and read a comic? So why not read one that is full of unexpected twists?

Now, I am sure if you’re as obsessed with comics as I am, then you have read hundreds of hilarious comics. That might be good and all but you probably haven’t read the following comics.

These weirdly unique comics are made by one talented Imgur user who is definitely a master when it comes to dub but hilarious comics.

Source: Imgur

#1 Being dead doesn’t stop him from being awesome.

#2 Nope, he is going to cherish it forever.

#3 This just got dark.

#4 True love right here.

#5 This world forces us to take some harsh measures.

#6 Do you mean like a horse? Or an actual horse?

#7 Yeah, I’d rather not look at my reflection.

#8 I am sure this is already a fanfiction in some dark corner of the Internet.

#9 Twerking is so 2017 though.

#10 No one can top that.

#11 So he died just like that?

#12 Didn’t think about those, did you?

#13 So this is how it came to be.

#14 She wasn’t joking, Carol.

#15 A whole lot. It has no number.

#16 I am in desperate need of this app.

#17 That is certainly a lot of wangs.

#18 Everything has it’s positives then?

#19 A very deep remark on how so many women are…

#20 The Google is so scary.

#21 Just ask for it normally, dude.

#22 Okay, my childhood is officially ruined.

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