10+ Alarming Signs That You’re Dealing With A Fuckboi And Need To Stop Right Now

All of us must have dated fuckboys once in our lives. Probably slept with one as well. They’re creatures of disgrace and maliciousness who break your heart into a million pieces and leave you alone, all stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It’s not as easy to recognize them because of their natural adaptability to the society, but they are everywhere.

They are tough to spot because they easily blend in with the people around them. Anyone who has been through it would know that finding them is as easy as the hair in your comb. The key to being safe from them is finding out their true traits so they can be avoided before you get lured towards them. Here are a few signs that can easily prove that you are dating a fuckboy! Run away before it’s too late if you see any of these qualities!

1- He asks you to hang out but never initiated an actual date!

2- He never proposes an actual time and relies on your call!

3- When you ask him if he’s cheating on you, he asks you not to worry!

4- His most common phrase, “let’s stay in touch.”

5- His friends have no clue about you!

6- His friends are pretentious in front of you, but the truth is that they know he’s seeing other women!

7- He disappears for days without any contact with you!

8- He doesn’t give two shits when other guys flirt with you!

9- When you question him, he comes up with irrelevant excuses claiming that he was very busy. The truth is, “he doesn’t want to talk to you.”

10- He doesn’t introduce you when he runs into girls!

11- He’s always texting other people when he’s with you, definitely not all girls!

12- He never initiates taking pictures with you, let alone post them!


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