10+ Obvious Yet Rare Signs That shows That He Actually Respects You

How do you display respect in a healthy relationship?

With love comes respect. It is an essential building block of a relationship. Everyone deserves to be respected. You can’t expect to be in a relationship where you are not respected or valued.

So, does your man respect you? How he acts around you and how he treats you will surely tell you whether he has any esteem for you or not. And if he doesn’t, your self-respect should tell you to back out.

Check out the list of ways you could know if your man is the right one or not.

1. He has no difficulty talking about the future you two are going to have.

If you have ever seen the t.v series FRIENDS, you would know how guys like Chandler run into the woods when the word ‘commitment’ comes up. It’s like a pressure test for them. But if he respects you enough, he would set things straight from the beginning. He wouldn’t lead you on for nothing.

You know what you want, and if he is not the one who wants the same as you, put your foot down. Don’t lower your self esteem for a guy who doesn’t respect your feelings and your expectations. You’re treated the way you allow yourself to be treated. So don’t settle for less.

2. You do things together.

Not just the things you do inside the bedroom. He not only wants the lust but also wants to feel the love. Whether he wants to take you to the movies, or for a long drive. Maybe he wants to do groceries with you, or it may just be a walk in the park while he holds your hand and pulls you close. You know he wants you in every way possible, and he’s working for it. Don’t let that hand slip away!

3. He agrees to disagree.

Don’t like the same food, the same movies or have a similar taste in fashion or sports? It’s okay to have different opinions about something. You can’t always agree on everything! If he doesn’t try to change your mind about anything and forces you to try something you don’t particularly like, he respects and appreciates your uniqueness and different point of view as much as he enjoys the similarities you share.

4. He’s honest with you.

Does he express his feelings more often? Does he share all those funny and horrible memories he has from his past? If he is open to you about his ex-relationship mishaps and his family issues, he is definitely a keeper. You know he trusts you enough to share all his secrets with you. You don’t have to worry about him lying to you about anything if he doesn’t mind answering texts or calls in front of you.

5. He doesn’t doubt you.

He trusts you enough with the decisions you make and doesn’t nag you about them. He knows you are completely capable of making the right choices for yourself and doesn’t question your judgement. You feel free to think about yourself in whatever way you deem necessary.

6. He motivates you.

He would never think about discouraging you about anything you do and will always support you. Even if you want to do the craziest thing, he won’t just tell you to go for it but will join you in the act, himself. He constantly reminds you to take risks and not worry about consequences because he’ll be there to catch you if you fall.

7. He isn’t a no-show.

Dinner with your parents? No problem. Either you two have an evening planned out, or a weekend together, he never cancels on you unless it’s something completely unavoidable. If he’s never late, that’s just a cherry on top!

8. He’s on team YOU.

Argued with someone? He would take your word for it and believe you. He will always be on your side as well as by your side. He’d never embarrass you in front of anyone by contradicting you in any way. Your dignity matters to him, he wouldn’t let anyone harm it in any way, nor will he ever try to do it himself.

9. He’s open with you about everything.

He won’t ignore any of your queries or dodge any of your questions. May it be the ghosts of his past or his feelings towards you, he won’t keep anything from you. Maybe you already know all his fears and his memories. That’s how you know he respects you enough not to keep you in the dark.

10. He’s not the jealous type.

He trusts you enough to know that you are solely his. He doesn’t worry about you going out with your other guy-friends. He doesn’t feel insecure or possessive about you, and he definitely doesn’t mind if need some time apart, considering that you both have your own lives, friends, colleagues, family and most importantly you self independence. If he doesn’t get jealous easily, you know he has faith in you, and you don’t have to prove your loyalty towards him.

11. He does not try to dictate you.

He never tries to tell you how to live your life. He gives you your personal space and doesn’t intrude in your matters. It’s because he trusts you and your judgement and respects your decisions. He knows you are capable of taking care of yourself and you don’t need constant interference from anyone.

12. Opinion matters to him.

He asks you which tie he should wear to work, what he should get for dinner, where to go shopping and what to buy. His decisions are his own, but he does come to you for advice because your opinion counts. He may even do exactly what you tell him to, you never know.



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