10+ Serial Killer’s With Their Trophies And Eerie Stories Behind Them

Several words can describe the lunatics who have brutally murdered many lives over a time period, although photogenic is not a part of them. In the past, there has been a bit of infamy associated with these serial killers especially after the internet was invented. People eagerly want to hear about their acts, and at a few points these individuals appreciate their celebrity notices.

Perhaps, a few of these attention seeking criminals even publicized their mischievous acts, scouring the internet of their tales.

Ben Rhodes

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It is believed, that this man has killed an estimate of around 50 people. Often couples, were lured into his trap at the back of his truck, which really was a chamber of torture.

Harvey Glatman

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Famous as the Lonely Hearts Killer, he photographed women in his apartment before sexually abusing and killing them. He took the lives of three women before being captured, claiming that they asked to die instead of being with him. Unfortunately he took their words seriously.

Jeffrey Dahmer

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The infamous, Dahmer stashed his victims in the freezer after murdering them, in order to dry them out.


Fred and Rosemary West

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Fred and Rosemary tortured around nine women, eventually killing them.

The BTK Killer

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Attention ravisher and leader of the boy scout, Dennis Rader used his skillful knots to tie the victims before murdering them.

Joseph Metheny

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As disgusting as it sounds, Metheny sold the meat of their victims at a barbecue stand.

John Gacy

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Depicting them as their trophies, Gacy murdered teenage boys and buried them under his floor boards.


Ted Bundy

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This killer with no remorse would often go back to his victim’s graves to sexually abuse them.

Si Quey

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Without an actual body count of the murders committed, Si would eat the hearts of his victims ritually in order to attain their strength.


Joanna Dennehy

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Diagnosed with Paraphilia Sadomasochism after being caught, Dennehy’s first ever victim was her boyfriend, followed by her housemate and landlord.


The Night Stalk Killer

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Satan’s fan, made his victims swear on him before as he violated women. he also drew pentagrams on his victim’s walls.


Karl Denke

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Karl sold the meat of his victims as port in the local market. Avoiding any wastage, he often ate what he could not sell off.

Ed Gein

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Not really a serial killer, intead he dug into corpses to make things using their flesh.

Rodney Alcala

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Contestant of The Dating Game, Alcala tried to murder and rape an eight year old girl but he was caught. Over a thousand pictures were found by the police of his victims.

Gary Ridgeway

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Convicted of over 49 murders, he seems to have been an animal lover. Serial killers have the tendency to harm animals as their start though.

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