10+ People Who Are Total Morons That Will Make You Facepalm And Cringe Really Hard

People are more stupid than we given them credit for.

Now, we have that out of the way. Let’s get on with the important stuff. Namely laughing at other peoples stupidness so that we will feel good about ourselves. The following people are legendary dumbasses and they definitely didn’t think before they wrote the following posts.

#1 Can’t believe so many people fell for this.

Via BigusGeekus

#2 Donald Trump never disappoints.

Via donaldjtrump

#3 Well, it wouldn’t fit.

Via exoscoriae

#4 Because dying is what men do.

Via visionarygirl

#5 Someone get these person back to school.

Via IGotEatenByA_Duck

#6 I don’t even know what to say to this.

Via palmerater

#7 Are we really that surprised by this? He is Onision.

Via onision

#8 Seems like they needed a reminder.

Via Ericzander

#9 Use Google kids!

Via r/facepalm

#10 Must’ve been someone else then.

Via LithuanianSausage

#11 I am sure the flag appreciates your ass.

Via lionplans

#12 Vegan meat!

Via Azriial

#13 You know, I’ve always wondered that. Good job on making this discovery.

Via dperezk

#14 I’ve got nothing.

Via sqvqge

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