10+ Neighbours Who Were So Passive-Aggressive It’ll Make You Pee-Laugh

Does nobody ever listen to you?

Well, have you tried the age-old method of passive-aggressiveness? Because that always seems to work for me. And it seems I am not the only person either because it totally worked for these people too.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but it did produce a hilarious outcome that will stay on the Internet for many lifetimes. So rather than focusing on the negative, why don’t we pay attention to the positive today?

I won’t waste your time any longer so scroll on below and take a look at all this passive-aggressiveness!

Source: oligarchy

#1 Frozen clothes it is!

#2 Hagrid and quiet? That doesn’t seem right.

#3 Okay this is really unnecessary!

#4 Not so much passive-aggressiveness as just complete aggressiveness.

#5 Next time just don’t look, okay?

#6 That is why I am so scared that I’ll turn into a goddamn cat lady.

#7 Well, that power Walker has got a surprise.

#8 They are certainly not big fans of tabby cats.

#9 I am not sure you deserve that courtesy if you parked in the wrong spot.

#10 Now, This is quite ironic.

Have you ever done something like this? Or has something like this ever happened to you by neighbors? If so then why not tell us all about it in the comments below?

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