Mason ‘The Nicest Guy’ Ever Is What Nightmares Are Made Of And These Two Women Prove That

Using suicide threats to emotionally blackmail someone is something only a pathetic person would do.

Telling someone that “I will kill myself” is a serious thing. And of course, it can not be taken lightly. But its just ridiculous how some people use this in an exploitative manner.

And that is exactly what this one guy did in an attempt to get sympathy from a girl that he likes. This guy named, Mason, obsessed over a girl to the extent that not only did he fake his death but also impersonated to be his mother. So scroll down and see for yourself how everything unfolded.

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This guy, Mason, has been obsessing over this girl for the past seven years.

Just look at the way he faked his suicide and pretended to be his OWN mother.

However, despite all he said, the girl wasn’t dumb and did not fall into his trap.

Honestly, this guy is the most stubborn person I have ever seen.

And when nothing worked for him, he tried calling and also left voice notes.

“I very briefly dated this guy like.. 7 years ago. He messages me now demanding a second chance and threatens to kill himself when I tell him no.”

Impersonation at its finest.

However, when he got too desperate to talk and couldn’t handle rejection, he decided to come back to life miraculously.


He also expected to be forgiven.

“This guy threatened to kill himself because I wouldn’t “give him a chance”. He then faked his own suicide and pretended to be his mother messaging me.

Then he miraculously recovered. Surprise! He has amnesia and doesn’t remember anything.

But when the doctors were removing his suicide bullets they discovered a brain tumor so I’d better go so my goodbyes and forgive him and give him a second chance.

It was definitely interesting.”

And that’s not all. Apparently, his girlfriend messaged her too.

The girlfriend, however, seemed real and was worried about Mason. So she(the ex) told her everything.

“One of his girlfriends is messaging me. Not a fake account and I don’t think this is him pretending to be someone else because he isn’t that smart. So I sent her some sweet sweet screenshots.

He sent hundreds of ranting, rambling messages so I had plenty to pick from. But he always defaults to threatening suicide when he realizes nothing else is working.”

All of this scared the girlfriend.


Sent screenshots as well.

His girlfriend was concerned and worried.

“The girlfriend is now panicked because her online boyfriend is threatening to kill himself since she’s dumping him.”

Makes sense.

But she gave the girlfriend a very good idea.

They both seemed to be understanding each other.



“She begs me to do something. This is literally the third girl to message me with similar issues. I don’t want to go to the police (restraining orders are a bitch to get and he’s not threatening anyone but himself).

So I sent his mother a message.”

So to put an end to this whole drama, the ex girlfriend decided to send his mother a message.

“Still waiting to hear back from her. Hopefully she can help him get the help he needs. Or maybe she can talk to him about respecting women and not acting like a fool all the time.”

That was that. So what do you think about this creepy guy? Share your views with us in the comments below!


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