Ladies, If Your Man Does Any 7 Of These Things, Hold Him Tight And Don’t Let Him Go

Ever felt like the luckiest girl in the world?

Relationships aren’t easy. Trust me, I know. With love comes a lot of expectations. But we need to be reminded now and then of how perfect our relationship is. And not the romantic movie kind of relationship; not the playing games kind of relationship; and certainly not the purely lustful kind of relationship — but a real relationship. And if your man does these 11 things, you know he’s a keeper!

1. The way he looks at you.

The way your guy looks at you tells a lot about him and his feelings towards you. If his eyes sparkle with happiness; if he pays attention to what you are saying, it shows his care and affection for you. Congratulations! You have definitely found that honest and loving person you have been looking for.


2. He can make you laugh.

Is he creative and witty? You feel like he gets you and your sense of humor? If he knows what cracks you up and he makes it his mission to keep you in regular stitches, you know he’s happy to break the tension when things get too stressful, and he does it at exactly the right time.

3. He is supportive.

Small things or big, a good man always supports you, regardless of whether you want to go back to college and start a new career or stay at home to build your future or you just decide to burn the kitchen down with your unskilled cooking. He will never discourage you or make you feel as though you can’t do what you set out to do. And that, ladies, is the best thing about a guy.

4. He is caring.

Whether you are sick or hungry, he is always ready to take care of you and feed you just right. May it be running out to grab a pizza in the middle of the night or making you a hot bowl of soup and talking to you until you feel better, he’s always ready to pamper you to fulfil your crazy cravings.

5. He never sleeps in a fight.

He knows how sensitive you are and he knows you are hurting because of that awful argument you two had. He won’t just go to bed until he makes you smile and makes sure you are not angry at each other.

6. He listens to you.

He is always interested in knowing about the day you had at work, what you had for lunch and when you got home safely. He loves listening to all your crazy childhood stories, and he never gets tired and never loses interest. He is attentive and has a genuine interest in what you have to tell him.

7. He compromises for you.

A healthy and happy relationship requires a lot of compromise and efforts on both ends. We, women, love when things are in our favour and if your man is ready to compromise his needs for you, he obviously values your relationship over anything.

8. He has no trust issues.

Trust is the principal element in any relationship. If he never doubts you for even a second, you know he trusts you with all his heart. You don’t want to lose that amazingly, strong bond.

9. He respects you.

He always cares about what you are thinking and feeling. He asks for your opinion and takes your side, and he just can’t stand to hurt you or insult you.

10. He makes an effort with your family.

Does he love to hang out with your folks almost on every occasion? Does he make an effort to make your dad laugh or help out your mom in the kitchen? Is he crazy enough to handle your siblings? Hold him tight, ladies. A man who is enthusiastic about meeting your family, and is ready to become a part of it, is not worth letting go. And if your parents approve of him, it’s just a cherry on top!

11. He adores you.

He tells you he loves you numerous times in a day and never gets tired. He compliments you out of nowhere even when you are at your worst just to remind you of what you mean to him. He makes you feel loved and wanted by the little things he does.

Do you have that special man in your life who makes you feel like the happiest woman alive? Take my advice and don’t let him go!

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