Hilarious Tweets That Show What It’s Like To Make New Friends And Lose Some

People are sharing what it’s like to make friends and cut them off, and it’s hilarious.

Making new friends is a tough one. Not everyone can master the art of befriending someone they instantly like or cutting ties with those who annoy the shit out of us. But these people have shown us the true meaning of ‘hitting it off instantly’.

Below are some posts that are going to leave you laughing like a drain.

1. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends.

Via Twitter: @the_NA_way

2. Will you be my friend?

Via Twitter: @GundyChild

3. Be generous with praise.

Via Twitter: @chrismelberger

4. New BEST friend.

Via Twitter: @ginapple_

5. Food? The pleasure is all mine!

Via Twitter: @rudy_mustang

6. You have a friend in me.

Via Twitter: @kenna_taylorr

7. Commonly shared interests can take you a long way.

Via Twitter: @the_gabstar

8. Need to know that someone will be there for me in times like this.

Via Twitter: @currrrran

9. I need friends like these.

Via Twitter: @spencermcnolton

10. No compromise in this case.

Via Twitter: @kcroker

11. “I don’t know you anymore.”

Via Twitter: @Brian_Gibby

12. Who said this?

Via Twitter: @vogliodelcibo

13. If you’re my friend, you’re in for this.

Via Twitter: @Josephmorgan96

14. We don’t need that kind of negativity in our life.

Via Twitter: @zane_webster

15. You don’t really understand each other sometimes.

Via Twitter: @radicalhearts

16. This toxic friendship has to end.

Via Twitter: @brokeangel

17. Choose your friends wisely.

Via Twitter: @1_In_A_Jillian


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