These Illustrations Depicts The Life Of Millennials In Most Ridiculous Ways

Millennials are at it again.

Doing things they’re not supposed to, ones that the previous generation did or did not do. Whatever. At this point, Millennials have become the boogeyman equivalent or something. Make sure you pay your taxes or the millennials will bankrupt your company!

Artist Ben Is Right decided to make a few illustrations. Whether these were exaggerations meant to reaffirm your belief about what millennials are like, or rather hilarious parodies to make fun of people who have those assumptions, is completely up to the viewer.

Source: Ben Is Right

#1 Fast food.

#2 Bong.

#3 Pringle pizza.

#4 Party vomit.

#5 Violence and homosexuality.

#6 Always talking with something to smoke.

#7 Ballgags.


#9 Ancient history.

#10 Hanging around.

#11 Passed out.

#12 The true face of a millennial.

#13 Violence and video games.

#14 All in one.

#15 Having fun together.

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