Instagram Is Now Notifying People When Someone Takes A Screenshot Of Their Post

You thought you could get away with it?

Well, in your defence, it was possible to get away with it in the past. Not anymore, however. I understand that most of us love to take screenshots of posts from the people we follow…after pressing the heart icon of course.

I mean, everyone needs a little bit of gossip sometimes. And what better way to fill up our gossip meter than bitch about the ‘fake perfect’ life these people have. No, I am not bitter.

This, however, might be impossible now. You will be able to take screenshots of their regular posts but not when they are live. Perfect, right?

Instagram will now notify the other person of your little stalking session.


So, you are out of luck if you wanted to bitch about someone to your friends as Instagram has implemented this ‘feature’ through a software. Now, it would be better if you just view other people rather than ‘saving’ that moment. Trust me.

I don’t blame Instagram since ‘stalking’  isn’t considered good. However, we aren’t harming anyone, right? How else are we going to be entertained when we are eating chips and guacamole at home all alone?

I did the same thing.

I find that you should never buy the coarse ropes.

Guess my hoe friends are gonna have to wait.

It doesn’t hurt anyone if they don’t know, right?

It is too late to send help. Everyone for themselves.

My face exactly.

So now that you have been notified, be careful from now on!

What do you think of this new feature? Do you think it is for the best?

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