This Woman’s Story Will Remind You About Every Horror Movie Ever But Has A Surprising Climax

Humans tend to do stupid things sometimes.

And that is to be expected. After all, what else are we supposed to do? Be smart? Don’t make me laugh. So it is not at all surprising that this woman did the stupidest and ‘whitest’ thing that was possible.

Yes, it has a lot to do with horror movies. You remember the feeling when you watch a horror movie, and the main characters do exactly what you wouldn’t do? Well, that is what you’re going to be feeling during this entire article.

So scroll on below and get ready to feel frustrated.

Source: Imgur

Well, aren’t you white though?

That would be my exact expression too.

I don’t know. Older houses can be quite cozy on the inside.

“It was totally not an insane asylum before. I promise.”

Seems like the dream house, alright.

Maybe the previous owners had a lot of cats?

How do you not notice a door? Are you sh*tting me right now?

“I am sure; we will be fine.”

So there is a door in the basement that leads to nowhere? Right…

I think the Agent is trying to deflect the questions right now.

False alarm, see? We had nothing to worry about!

Okay, not a false alarm!

That would probably be me though.

Well, at least he was smart enough to catch on.

I should have known! The signs were all there…

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