10+ Hilarious Tweets About Menstruation From 2017 That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Menstruation is not a joke but these posts can definitely make people laugh.

There are days when you’re the happiest person and then those where you are the most depressed person alive. All you want to do is roll up like a ball and drink warm drinks along with lots of desserts.

Honestly, after going through this post, you will forget about everything that ever caused you pain during your cycles. Even those chronic cramps and clothe stains that gross you out at times.

1. My periods are late for no apparent reason!

2. Swedish fish can be scary!

3. But I can’t!

4. We’re all in this together!

5. It really does help!

6. PMS

7. They sound way more comfortable!

8. Must be his unlucky day!

9. Moment of anxiety!

10. Somehow everyone finds out!

11. Emotional AF!

12. Surprises that always make you happy cry!

13. Which one is best to be lazy?

14. Wonder Woman in the house!

15. Gravitas!

16. Babies are the cutest creatures ever!

17. Menses is on its way!

18. Broke the scale!

19. Longer than normal!

20. Is it?

21. The most emotional phase ever!

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