Guy Tweets Devastating Story Of His Friend’s Marriage Collapsing And It Escalated To Worst

A collapsing marriage is never funny, but by God, this story is.

It starts off as a joke, with a man leaving his Bovada screen up, a preacher step-dad with a wicked right hook, soiling yourself on a mate’s leather couch, and a cat named Winston. The moral of the story is that you do not gamble and drink, and if you do, you don’t lie about it to your wife.

Because this guy did, and his life fell apart. His friends were there every second of the way.

Source: Twitter

Left his laptop open on his bovada screen.

Father is headed to his house, and it just got real.

He’s concerned to be the voice of reason.

It wasn’t the gambling that got him in trouble; it was the lying.

Not the time for situational humor.

This is going downhill at an incredible rate.

He’s going back home to a come-to-Jesus-moment.

Rich is the father in law who’s going to force him to get his crap together.

They’re racing to Applebee’s for him.

This makes a guy wanna give up drinking.


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