This Guy Live Tweets His Breakup With His Internet Provider & It’s Hysterical

Everyone has a strained relationship with their Internet provider.

I don’t know about you, but I do have a very strained relationship with two of my Internet providers. Why do I have two? Well, It’s because the Internet is always fluctuating and nobody does anything no matter how many times you call.

And yes, even I tried to cancel with one of my Internet providers, but they wouldn’t let us and then roped us into another contract. It’s not as easy as it looks okay!? And god forbid, they put you on hold.

Because we all know that the song will keep repeating itself until your ears start to bleed. And this guy definitely knows that feeling.

Source: Twitter

I can relate.

Wow, did he pack his bags?

What! Why?

Right, that makes total sense.

Only 160? Sounds like a great deal.

Probably ‘too busy.’

Wow, those are rare.

Why do they lie so much?

Here is the email.

Who is the mythical person that can help?

Maybe they are trying to improve their service?


Justin Beiber? Really? Ugh.

Why can’t they just cancel!?

Oh gosh.

Saturday is always the busiest.

Who didn’t see that coming?

That went on for one hour? Damn.

Just cancel the damn contract!

Not really.

Yeah, it’s not their fault.

Good advice.

Which one is the good hold music?

Olly doesn’t deserve this.


Nah, Music is more important.

Did it ever come?

That is gonna be a no.

Honest Ally is good.

Where is her manager then?

And how is that?

Find the mythical manager!?

Canceling it is!

Pokemon is old news by now.

That is quite clever.

Wow really?

When will this end?

This has literally become torture by now.

But I don’t!

What is Ally supposed to do?


Just do it then!

Just cancel the damn contract!

This is not good advertising for their business.

Tea break it is!

Okay got it.

Which is understandable.

Beiber is good to hold music now?

Never heard of it.

Ahh yes, you should recommend that to them.

I’m not laughing.

I would not be polite at this point.

Then again it’s not Clare’s fault.

Yes! Finally!

Clare, you can do it!

Anything is better than nothing.

You are very close Clare.

I’m literally jumping out of my seat now.

You guys definitely deserve that.

Thankfully the mythical manager was caught.

The Internet always remembers.

Thank you, Clare, indeed!

What are your thoughts on this long a** conversation, better Virginmedia, and one disgruntled customer? What would you have done in their position? Comment down below and let us know.

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