Guy Live Tweets Breakup Story Of A Couple & It’s An Emotional Roller-coaster We Didn’t Ask For

Let’s talk about breakups.

In all honesty, no one wants them. No one will ever commit to someone if they know it’s gonna end up bad. Because at the end of the day, we’re all seeking love and peace. However, sometimes leaving is the only right thing to do. If a breakup is saving you from a toxic relationship, then it is indeed the best choice.

And I think that is exactly what this one girl did. You see, this girl tried to sort things out with her boyfriend, but things were too messed up, and she was tired of his lies. So she did what any girl would’ve done.

Funnily enough, a guy who was present there live-tweeted the whole incident for us. And the details are hilarious.

Scroll down and take a look.



Something below marriage.

Asshole roommates.

She’s got a point.

“Not on the roof.”

At least they agree on something.


New York.


Texts from a “coworker.”

Let me read.

Yeah, just trust me.

Hanging out with friends.

*Girl confused*

“Don’t want a baby.”

Can we agree on that?


Finally, the girl starts asking the real questions.





“Where’s your boyfriend?”

Four cigs deep.

The guy doesn’t want anything “gay.”

Real questions.

Living together? What?


The guy probably wants to run at this point.


Answer the question.

A perfect example of deception by omission.

This is hilarious.

Another cig.

More excuses.

Head in hands.

Awkward eye-contact.

Waste of my time.

The guy is clearly trying to cool things up by changing the subject.



The girl is done.

And she does what she thinks is right.

She’s probably leaving.

“I’m tired.”

Oh boy.

Their actions say it all.

And that was that.


So what are your thoughts on this story? Have you seen something like this before? Share your views with us in the comments below.



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