Guy Leaves $10 Tip In A Fancy Restaurant Instead Of The Expected $14 & The Server Lost Her Mind

Just because your job s**ks, doesn’t mean you get to be rude to the customer.

I mean I get it, being a waitress is hard work, and you never get paid enough. Apparently, in the US the most of what you make is made by tips, and that is entirely stupid, but that’s how it works there.

So I get that someone would be angry if they got something less than they deserved. However, that does not give them any right to be rude to a customer especially if a customer is on their best behavior.

This waitress, however, did not get the memo and went nuts when her tip was only $4 short. I mean come on! Scroll on below and see what happened.

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Via Chris Goldberg

And so this starts out as any date would.

They had a great time, but it all went south when it came to the tip part.

They managed to scrounge up something together, but that was apparently not good enough for her.

They told her that that’s all they had.

But she didn’t listen.

“If you can’t afford the tip then I suggest you choose a more suitable establishment in the future.”

And so the date ended at a very sour note.

I understand that too, but she has no right to be so rude!

Even his date was flabbergasted by the whole experience.

Yes, She drummed up all that drama over a measly $4.

People even had their own stories to share.

That is what I would have done.

Very true!

Do you have any stories about crazy servers to share? If so comment down below and let us know.

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