Guy Invited His GF To His Messy Home To See If She Was Wife Material But It Didn’t End Well For Him

And here I thought we were living in the future.

But I was wrong because that is the only way I can explain the reason as to why this guy thinks all women are maids. What else can we do, right? It’s not like we are equal to men in any way possible.

I am sorry about that; my inner feminist started to come out there. Let me just reel that back in and continue with my rant. You see, this guy invited his girlfriend over to see if she was ‘wife material.’ And what was the test, you ask?

Well, he wanted to see if she would clean up his pigsty house on his behalf. Unsurprisingly, she left the house, and this is his response.

I had no idea there was a ‘girlfriending test.’ Maybe that’s why I am so lonely. Then again, I’d rather stay away from this abhorrent sexism.

Wait, This explanation is supposed to make me calm down? Because it did the exact opposite!

I’d rather not become a wife to someone who judges me on how good of a cleaner and care-taker I am.

Did you know that even girls have standards? I know, Surprising right!?

And she was definitely in for a surprise when she stepped into his house.

Well, It’s not like you didn’t deserve that. Good on her I guess.

Damn, I did not see that coming but good burn girl!

What are your thoughts on this whole scenario? Would you ever put your significant other through a stupid test to see if you should marry them? Comment down below and let us know.

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