Guy Tries To Hook Up With A Woman By “Negging” Her, It Ends Exactly How You’d Expect

Insulting a woman never works. Surprising, right?

And yet so many people still don’t understand and take the ‘I’m too cool of an asshole for you’ approach. As you can imagine, it never works. However, this time, the guy who took this approach got severely burned.

And I mean incredibly savagely. I don’t know how he’ll ever be able to talk to another girl and yet he still didn’t learn. It seems like some people never learn, do they?

Meet the comedian Kat Havoc, who loves to roast people that try to insult her.

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So when this one guy decided to troll her, she was not having any of it. So she did what she does best. Roast the living heck out of the guy. But don’t feel for him as he is the one at fault in the first place.

What does her body or makeup amount have to do with this guy?

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Let me be honest; I have never seen such a savage response ever in my whole life.

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However, this guy went on as if nothing had happened. Just goes to show how shameful these trolls are. And they just love to get a rise out of other people.

Although, Kate didn’t back down for one minute.

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This isn’t the first time she has roasted another person either.

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She seems to have quite a lot of experience in this department. What are your thoughts on her savage response? Comment on below and let us know.

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