Another ‘Nice Guy’ Goes Insane After Getting Rejected By Tinder Date & The Chat Is Infuriating

Casual dates and hookups aren’t hard or uncommon anymore because they’re just a “swipe” away.

As you probably know we are talking about Tinder here. Tinder is one of the most frequently used sites for finding dates and perfect matches. People use it so much that over one billion “swipes” are registered per day. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or just a one night stand, you will find it all on Tinder.

It’s a very convenient way of finding a suitable partner. And if someone likes you back, you can just straight up engage with that person in a conversation and take things to the next step! However, it cannot guarantee you complete acceptance. But, that’s just natural, and it can happen to anyone and anywhere whether on Tinder or not. There’s no guarantee that a person who initially liked you will continue liking you even after some time. It’s just nature.

However, this is what makes things interesting as it is always amusing to see some people who just CAN’T handle rejection. And it’s precisely the case of this one “nice guy” who couldn’t stop messaging this girl after she rejected him for his unethical and pathetic behavior. Do you want to know what happened? Then scroll down and see for yourself!

This is the lousy tone and the stupid choice of words that killed any possible chance this guy had.

As you can clearly see he can’t handle rejection.

Justifications, justifications everywhere.

The way he is being ignored is probably killing him too.

This is legendary.

And when nothing works out, he tries to get the same message across using pity. It’s hilarious.

So what do you think about this “nice guy”? Did he get what he deserved? Or did she overdo it a little? Share your views with us in the comments below!


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