Guy Documented His First Week Of Work At Target And The Details Are Too Hilarious

 Stories of the initial days at work are always worth remembering.

There is a huge range of possible things that one can experience at work. It can range from their job being annoying to their job being full of surprises and fun. And you might have already heard all these things before. However, the kind of story that we have for you today is unlike any story that you have heard of before.

A Tumblr user shared his experience of what the first week working at target was like, and it’s insanely hilarious and weird both at the same time.

Don’t believe it? Then scroll down and have a look.


The first day of work at target and this is how it goes.

Why would someone who is buying fifteen gallons of kitty litter even look you in the eye?!

Wait! There is more.

The first day in and you already get a free cup of coffee, get approached by a huge man named Jason telling you not to steal, meet a woman called “The Cat Lady,” and ALSO get appreciation from the Head Office, how weird can it possibly get?

Well, the second day should be normal right?

Maybe not.

Hopefully, the third day will be less weird.


Day #4  and you can probably assume the rest.

“Hard Salami.”

Day #5 and there’s already a fly in his nose.


That’s a lot of diapers.


What are your thoughts on this story? Did you like it?

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