Gordon Ramsey Just Got Roasted By A Thai Chef And We Have Details!

Karma is a bitch – only if you are.

I know we’ve seen Gordon Ramsay roast other people a million times, but it has never been the other way around. Ramsay is probably one of the most famous chefs in the world. He’s won a countless number of culinary awards, and his cooking skills make every dish taste brilliant.

However, a viral clip recently resurfaced the internet, where Thai Chef, Chang, roasted the 51-year-old restaurateur. The dish was so mediocre that the chef called it “not Pad Thai.” Ramsay is famous for dishing out hard criticism, but he’s sure as hell not used to being at the receiving end.

Chang’s expression turned to stone as soon as he tasted the Pad Thai. And pulling no punches, he told Ramsay, “This is not Pad Thai at all.”

Ramsey then tasted it for himself, and even though conceded that the noodles didn’t taste perfect, he said, ‘I think… that doesn’t taste too bad’.

To which, Chang cuttingly retorted,  “To you… not to me.”

Here’s how it all went down:

I’d agree with Gordon on this.

However, this clip changes it all.

This clip was taken from season 5 of his TV show ‘The F Word’ when Ramsay visited a Thai temple in London to cook for Buddhist monks.


Ramsay met with Chef Chang to get some advice.


He then cooked a quick version of Pad Thai.


Chef Chang seemed to be happy at first.


However, it didn’t take long for things to go south.


That look though.


This face is definitely going down in history.


And Twitter just loved it!

Ramsay got owned.

There’s always room for more Ramsays, to be honest.


He was not pleased at all.

They know what’s going on.

Surprise, surprise.


Are you as surprised as I was after coming across this news? Let us know in the comments below!

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