Girlfriends Posted The Same Photo With Two Hilariously Different Captions On Instagram That Will Have You ROFL

Opposites attract after all.

You ever see a couple that you think is completely opposite in their behavior and yet they somehow seem perfect together? Well, I sure have seen many, and the following couple belongs in this criteria.

You might already know that social media plays an essential part in everyone’s life. Whether that is for the better or worse is another discussion for another day. Today, however, we talk about Twitter user @lildellapenna and her girlfriend.

You see they posted the same picture of them kissing on their respective Instagram with entirely different captions.

Lillie found the whole ordeal quite funny.

Lillie posted the picture with a beautiful caption.

Via Twitter

While Maggie had something entirely different in mind.

Via Twitter

What comes after paper? Scissors of course! Now, If you still don’t understand this. I am sorry, but you’re going to have to use a few detective skills and a whole lot of Google to understand.

But for those of you who did understand, let’s move on to the comments, shall we?

And it seems it took a minute for many to understand.

While many still couldn’t understand.

Some people thought it alluded to something different.

Which I don’t think is it at all.

Thank gosh I had already drunk my coffee or I would have probably burned everything.

Many people found the caption quite hilarious.

When you know you’re in on something.

That she certainly is!

Don’t worry it is not copyrighted yet.

The famous couple also added something at the end.


Who do you think is the ‘soft one’ in this relationship? Comment on below and let us know

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