Man Got Roasted On The Internet When He Asked To Know Why His Girlfriend Likes To Masturbates After Sex

Some secrets should never be revealed.

While I understand that lies and secrets always come out at the worst time, that doesn’t mean everyone can handle the truth. Especially when it comes to secrets that could bruise your ego.

However, this man didn’t know that when he asked the question. And apparently, he thought that he couldn’t possibly be at fault. I mean, that is the impression I got from the way he phrased that question.

Okay, I’ll stop teasing you so you can scroll on below and take a look at his all-important ‘question.’

Yes, this is what he asked.

I have been in a relationship for nine months. Even though I thought the sex was good for us both, but when we finish she tells me to shower.

I wondered why, and now I know – she masturbates. She has done it multiple times; I think she is insatiable. What should I do?

Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty self-explanatory.

Many women crave a second orgasm, especially if she has been super-aroused during intercourse.

Perhaps she doesn’t want to bother you for that extra pleasuring, or maybe she is afraid you might think her too demanding.


Connolly might have been gentle; the Internet, however, was not.

Not, not really.

Maybe she finally will.

The guy needs to accept that he might be in the wrong here.

My thoughts exactly.

I don’t think that’s it.

Nobody knows.

Whatever helps him sleep at night.

That is actually pretty right.

Or maybe it didn’t include the ‘right’ things.

If only it were that simple.

When is that going to happen?

Because more is more in this case.

Then you are probably not that smart.

I think he gets it now.

No need to roast him further.

He would probably think twice before asking a question next time.

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