Girl Texted Classmate For Assignment But His Crazy GF Responded & It Becomes Too Much Drama

Everyone has mixed feelings when it comes to drama.

Some people consider it a way of enjoyment so much that their lust for it gave birth to reality TV shows, giving people their fixes within minutes. Whereas some people despise it so much, that they can’t bear being dragged by someone else’s ride. Especially when there is a catch.

The same situation was encountered by Bianca when she tried to get her assignment’s second page from a classmate who had borrowed her notes to complete his part.

This is how the conversation started off!

If you can’t trust him, don’t be with him.

Later, she posted the conversation on Twitter. Because hey! Who doesn’t like a healthy conversation with their ex?

Followed by some juicy gossip update promises!

Meanwhile, here are some friends’ thoughts about this!

Even one of her friend’s dad’s budged in!

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