Girl Hilariously Trolled Thirsty Creep For Asking For Her Photos

What is the use of a bra size anyway?

I mean other than buying a bra which I doubt all these creepy guys are waiting to buy for us. I honestly don’t get it, what do they hope to achieve by asking us our bra size? Is it some kind of weird thing that guys are into that we don’t know about?

Because some men are quite hellbent on making someone uncomfortable until they block them. However, this girl did the opposite, rather than blocking the creepy guy she just sent him a hilarious error message every time he asked for her bra size.

And I don’t know about you, but I am going to try this the next time someone asks me something like this.

Source: Twitter

This is the girl who started it all.

And this is how she responded to the creep.

She replied honestly when he asked her something else.

But went back to the error messages when he asked her for bra size.

It’s honestly like a broken tape or something.

Does he not get the ‘hint’?

I mean it is kinda obvious that she isn’t going to tell him so why bother?

I think his brain is slowly melting away.

Did you find this whole conversation as hilarious as us? If so are you going to use this method the next time someone creepy asks you something? Comment down below and let us know.

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