‘Genius’ Girl Creates A Fake School Assignment After Her Mom Found Her Weed Stash

Some things should stay secret.

Like you stash of weed.While we don’t condone lying to your parents and neither do we condone doing illegal drugs, we all know that people are not going to listen to this warning. Because let’s be honest, many kids do drugs.

And that means they have to hide their secret stash unless their parents are cool with it. (I’d really like to meet a parent who is cool with their kids doing drugs.) Now, I know that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.

And these mistakes can be particularly hazardous to your health if your parents find out. Then no one can help you if they are particularly strict because you’re probably going to be grounded for life.

So when one mother found her daughters weed, the daughter hatched the perfect plan to cover it all up. Now if this girl wasn’t doing this to cover up why she had weed, I’d be seriously impressed with her creativity.

You see, she made a fake school assignment that asked how parents would react if they found a pregnancy test, weed or a beer bottle in their underage kids room.

Following is the very authentic looking assignment.

Via Twitter

She even added the teachers phone number!

Via Twitter

People were just as surprised as I am.


Particularly about why she added the teacher phone number.

But she knew what she was doing.

I see many pros in the Twitter feed.

Many people could relate with this girl.


I mean she did do some serious hard work.


However, many people thought that she should have just told the truth.

Although many people who could relate with her understood her side.




While I may not agree with what she was doing, I have to applaud her creativity.

That would also not be bad for her so maybe go into teaching then?

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the way she handled the situation? Or would you have just told the truth? Comment on below and let us know.

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