Gay Man Makes A Remarkably Convincing Point On How Not To Dictate Women Over Their Dressing & Modesty

Why does a woman who doesn’t dress ‘modestly’ matter?

I mean, what is considered ‘modest’ by most people? Should we all just wear a blanket or something so as not to reveal our shoulders, arms or a bra strap!? What else could we do not to get blamed by men for ‘arousing’ them?

After all, aren’t we the ones who want to get catcalled, get called a slut or even get harassed? Now, this may sound quite dramatized and sarcastic, but it is happening in most parts, if not every part, of the world.

And yet we go on with our lives as if nothing wrong is happening. Sure, I understand some feminists take it too far, but this is why we are in desperate in need of feminism.

So it is quite welcome that Josh Weed, a gay man, had something to say about how women dress and how it affects men. (Spoiler Alert: It shouldn’t.) 

Who even started this ‘modesty’ culture?

Why does me dressing however I want provoke someone else!?

After all, isn’t it my own body?

And do men have no control over themselves?

Why is it that a ‘modest’ woman is considered to be worth more than the ‘slutty’ one?

Because values are based on how we dress, right?

We get the short end of the stick even though it’s the other person’s fault!

And yet people seem to think it does.

But many men don’t like to even consider this.

And then Josh Weed went on to say something quite logical.

Do you want to know why? Because it’s stupid.

This is common sense, people.

So why is there so much controversy about women’s bodies?

It should never concern the other person.

Simply because he wasn’t.

And neither should they.

So rather than telling someone else what to do, control yourself.

Because they are helpless little kids, who can’t help themselves, right?

And yet we as a society still condone it.

And everyone should be allowed to wear whatever they want.

I’d drink a toast to that!

What about you? What are your thoughts on women’s ‘modesty?’ Comment on below and let us know.

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