This Guy Uses Fish Fillets To Falsely Demonstrate How Vaginas Work, Gets Brutally Crucified

Have you ever seen a fish fillet?

Now, I am going to rephrase that question. Have you ever seen a vagina? If so, do they look anything alike? If you think they do, there is something seriously wrong with you, and you should get some help.

That is the only thing I can recommend to this guy who literally finger-f**ked a fish fillet to ‘demonstrate’ how a vagina turns into a gaping hole after a woman has had sex more than one time.

If that were true, no marriage would ever last. And we would walk around with huge saggy holes, but we don’t. And this is apparently news for this guy.

You’ll understand once you read his post.

Dear women

God made virgins for husbands not boyfriends. Keeping your virginity till marriage is the best gift you can give to a husband.

A Virgin is more likely to have a TIGHTER connection with her husband than a LOOSE woman who has had multiple sexual partners.

As you can probably imagine, people were amazed at how stupid this guy is.

And some tried to talk some sense into him which probably won’t work.

Who knew some people were so incredibly dumb?

And people decided to add their own ‘fun facts’.

He really should stop f**king fishes. That can’t be good for someone’s mental health.

The nerve of some people. Right?

We would never be able to understand what goes through the minds of these kinds of people but that is probably a good thing. Comment down below and let us know if you also didn’t know how vaginas worked.

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